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Case Study: Hoskins Park Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Hoskins Park Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina

Hoskins Park Ministries (HPM) is a Christian ministry established in 2006 with the merger of Jesus Anointed Ministries (JAM), founded by Johnny Allen, and HPM, founded by Tom Wheeler. The two ministries had existed since 2001-2002 and featured overlapping missions of service to high-risk homeless men. HPM’s primary purpose is to share the love of Christ with the poor and homeless by providing transitional housing facilities, clothing, food and other necessary support to those in need. When EPIC Founder Jeremy Turner first came to know Hoskins Park Ministries in 2015, the organization had 13 houses in northwest Charlotte, all within one block of each other, and which could accommodate 60 previously homeless men. Following the departure of Tom as he pursued a new calling, HPM was left in the loving hands of Executive Director Johnny, a pastor who had personally experienced homelessness and drug abuse before finding Jesus and turning his life around. Pastor Johnny’s team included others who also had first-hand experience with drug abuse and homelessness and a small board comprised of seasoned business professionals and local ministry leaders. With an opportunity to press the reset button and begin the next chapter of the ministry’s journey, HPM found themselves in need of strategic planning assistance, fund development planning, organizational development and operations improvement to allow the organization to approach their true potential.

Over the course of nearly 2 years, Jeremy worked with the HPM board, leadership and staff to teach and mentor them and develop the ministry’s infrastructure to provide a firm foundation upon which to build for deeper impact and a sustainable future. Following a collaborative strategic planning effort between Jeremy and another local consultant, three additional engagements between EPIC Mission and HPM sought to address previously identified needs to include system and process development, such as a new participant intake process and clearly defined job descriptions for all staff positions, one-on-one and small group coaching with Johnny and his staff using DISC Profile to teach the team about communication styles and how to embrace the diversity of a team, and fund development planning, to include a deep dive into earned revenue potential around the ministry’s personal and spiritual development programming for the men they served. Hoskins Park Ministries remains one of Jeremy’s favorite clients ever as the personal and professional impact made and the relationships developed while working with Pastor Johnny, his staff and his board are a testament to just how personal this work is for Jeremy and the EPIC Mission team. This serves as yet another example of how one organization can amplify the impact of another organization with a different calling by simply jumping in, showing up and pouring everything they have into helping them to achieve their mission.

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