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Case Study: One Voice, Inc., Oceana, West Virginia

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One Voice, Inc., Oceana, West Virginia

One Voice, Inc. is a beautiful ministry with a faith-driven Founder and Executive Director that has such a pure heart and a desire to serve those who need it the most. Established in Oceana, WV in 2005 by now-retired teacher Debbie Davis, this public charity’s mission is to educate and activate individuals through the development of community coalitions to no longer accept or tolerate life-controlling problems such as substance abuse. One Voice has many programs and services it offers to those in need within the multi-county region it serves across southern West Virginia. The ministry has a vision to empower people and their families to become happy, healthy and whole in both their physical and spiritual lives. Just as One Voice lives to empower others, the organization was also in need of a bit of guidance so that they could become more focused and intentional for increased impact. This is where EPIC Mission enters the One Voice story.

Following what some may call a chance encounter at a social enterprise conference where EPIC Founder Jeremy Turner was speaking, Debbie Davis and Melonie Terry of One Voice struck up a conversation with Jeremy and soon found that he had both the heart and the mind to help them move the ministry forward. Jeremy and Debbie began speaking often by phone and a plan was soon hatched for the delivery of a series of board development retreats for One Voice. Our highly-collaborative work included teachings on nonprofit basics, such as the need for systems and processes to create predictable results, nonprofit board basics, such as crafting board “job descriptions” and having a plan for sourcing, selection and onboarding board members, board training around fundraising and organizational strategic planning and communications training using DISC Profile and focusing on setting clear expectations and maintaining respectful accountability amongst one another as the group seeks to serve the organization in excellence. At the conclusion of the scheduled retreats, Founder Debbie Davis proclaimed the following: “Jeremy, as always you leave One Voice stretched, energized and better than when you started!!! Thank you for investing wisdom, encouragement and strength into our nonprofit!!! Until next time…”

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