A primary aspect of our EPIC mission is to empower #HeroesOfChange to dream bigger and go deeper. One way we seek to accomplish this is by providing informational and educational articles that offer holistic strategies and a fresh perspective you can implement today.

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Impact

We lead with empathy and lock arms with everyday changemakers by meeting them where they are, encouraging them to dream bigger and go deeper, and incorporating best practices from the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. […]

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I can still remember my grandpa saying “measure twice, cut once” while he was in his workshop. To double check the measurements before cutting materials, minimizes making mistakes and wasting materials, time, and money. Although not […]

Failing or Flying?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Let yourself dream Set aside everything that might be holding you back from dreaming. Set aside lack of finances. Set aside family ties. Set aside […]

What is Nonprofit Business Coaching

A nonprofit business is a unique structure. As such, it needs a unique counseling style.  If you have heard the term “nonprofit business coach” or “nonprofit business counseling,” you might be wondering where it fits […]

Coaching for Leadership

Great companies will always say their employees’ happiness is paramount in building healthy company culture and public trust. It’s the one thing that is held in the highest regard, oftentimes more so than company performance […]

4 Steps to Bettering Your Leadership Skills

To be a better leader, you should continuously be working on yourself. Managing and leading a team or business is not always something that comes naturally. Many will have to teach themselves how to lead […]

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