Creating Normalcy in a Time of Chaos and Confusion

When things get crazy like they are now, what brings comfort is a sense of normalcy and getting back to our routines and standard operating procedures as much as possible. Though we might not get to meet in person, all of us here at EPIC Mission remain dedicated to helping you and your organization thrive during these tough times and beyond. Until this COVID-19 situation calms down, we will be leveraging technology to offer all our coaching, consulting, training, and support services remotely as we do our part to #FlattenTheCurve. Although life may look and feel a bit different right now, you can absolutely continue to pursue your personal and professional goals and your big vision for the future. EPIC Mission is here to meet you wherever you are and serve you however we may and so, as always, we continue to offer free consultations and will then customize the solutions we deliver based on your needs and your budget. Stay safe. Remain encouraged. Be hopeful for the future. This too shall pass. Remember, together #WeAreTheChange.

Our EPIC Mission

We believe that the world will be a better place for everyone when there are thriving, resilient, hope-filled communities across Appalachia and beyond. To achieve this, EPIC Mission will continue to Engage, Encourage, and Empower entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses to #BeTheChange we wish to see in the world. We envision a future where Heroes of Change everywhere are equipped to move confidently in the direction of their dreams, but we cannot do this alone. Will you join us? Together #WeAreTheChange.



In order to effectively serve others, we must be able to see and feel the world as they do without judgement.



It’s not about being fancy; it’s about ensuring that the solutions we design and implement are simple and effective.



One can either do or do not. When it comes to changing the world, we must be all in and put forth our best effort every day, every time.



Community relates to an area’s physical structures and the greater sense of belonging that comes with ownership rights and responsibilities.

What We Do

Those who answer the call to serve others and become the change in the world around us are our heroes. The journey of the entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, or small business owner is not for the faint of heart. Through guidance, we empower and influence the men and women serving the multitudes every single day. We believe that our work at EPIC Mission is much bigger than us, and it is our pleasure to work behind the scenes helping you and those like you to be the change we all wish to see in our world.

At EPIC Mission, we meet entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses where they are with no judgment. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to launch the next big social enterprise, a seasoned professional in the for-profit or nonprofit field, or a small business that is leading the way in your industry, we offer multiple services to suit your needs.

Your EPIC Mission

Whether you’re part of an idea-stage organization yet to be launched, or a more mature business seeking to make an adjustment in structure or programming for the next leg of your journey, EPIC Mission can help. We find our Heroes of Change in all stages and begin to move forward with them towards their ideal future vision.

See What Our Clients Say

I can only say that Jeremy and the EPIC Mission folks did an outstanding job and delivered everything they promised and more.

Rick Smith - Former Executive Director, Eastern WV Community Action Agency

I find your guidance to be edifying …a qualitative and balanced mixture of candor, encouragement, and clarity. I think one of the most valuable results … is the emphasis on curiosity and continuous maturation.

Rev. Tyler Dirks - Senior Pastor, East Charlotte Pres

Jeremy’s EPIC Mission is driven by a purpose to help and serve. In only one hour, he made me realize how much we have to simplify and clearly communicate our same purpose. Tack on the remaining onslaught of knowledge and guidance that was included in that hour, and then our meeting becomes absolutely priceless.
We even discussed how simplifying your business and purpose is akin to Einstein simplifying the language of the universe with E=MC^2.
Highly recommended person, service, and mission.

Jon Eric Linville

Jeremy, as always you leave One Voice stretched, energized and better than when you started!!! Thank you for investing wisdom, encouragement and strength into our non profit!!! Until next time…

Debra Curry-Davis

Inspirational business coaching, pragmatic insight, and utilitarian tools that truly help. Thank you for all you do!

Kim Baker

Heart of Phoenix was so thankful to have EPIC Mission work on a strategic plan for our grassroots nonprofit. He was invested and cared about the work with us, and that mattered greatly.

Tinia Creamer

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