The most successful individuals and teams have coaches to support, challenge, motivate, and encourage them, and now, you can too. While some people assume that coaching is only for new business owners or Fortune 500 executives, this is simply not the case.

If you want to grow your business, deepen your organization’s impact, or develop your leadership skills, coaching can help you to identify potential avenues of growth and implement action steps to move you towards your goals. Working with a coach adds a sense of accountability and intentionality to your progress, which means you will be more motivated and more focused on becoming the change, hitting your target goals, and reaching yours and your team’s fullest potential.

How Does Coaching Work?

At EPIC Mission, we embrace the need for flexibility and customization within your coaching plan. We work with you to determine the most effective format and assess your highest priority areas of focus as we customize our approach to fit your unique goals and specific situation.

Working one-on-one with a coach allows you to focus on your individual goals, needs, and objectives and aids in aligning them with those of your organization. Rising tides lift all ships, and so organizations naturally improve as leaders grow.

Working with small groups ensures that the benefits of coaching can be delivered en masse. Often used to provide effective in-house coaching to one department or business team, group coaching can focus on individual and business needs. 

When geography prevents us from meeting face-to-face, we rely on technology to connect. With virtual coaching, we can work with you wherever you may be in the world. Heroes of Change don’t let distance hold them back, so why should you?

Coaching Topics

At EPIC Mission, our coaches have a wide range of expertise and experience. We meet you where you are on your journey to deliver a variety of coaching topics relevant to your situation. Such topics can include leadership, communication, social enterprise development, performance improvement, time management and organization, startup business and nonprofit assistance, sales and marketing strategy, team building and inclusion, and personal and organizational goal setting. Need something else?

With a focus on your priorities, needs, and desires, EPIC Mission offers unrivaled levels of support, inspiration, and guidance to Heroes of Change everywhere. Contact us today to learn more.

Join Others and Get Started Today! Need something not listed? Contact EPIC Mission now to discuss your needs. Chances are we have helped others with similar needs and that we can serve you, too.

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