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Ongoing personal and professional development is crucial to both individual and organizational success. With our customizable training services, you can stay ahead of the curve and take yourself, your teams, and your organization to the next level towards reaching your fullest human potential.

EPIC Mission is both willing and able to meet you where you are and train you and your team in a variety of areas based on your current and future needs. From one-on-one training to small or large groups trainings, we can deliver your content, create our own or blend the two for a hybrid approach. We offer single, episodic trainings and longer-term, multi-session trainings in-person or remotely. Our goal is to meet you where you are and, without judgment, provide the holistic development assistance you need to more efficiently and effectively fulfill your unique mission.

Fund Development

Entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses all require funding, finance, and investment at some point. With expert input, you can learn more about financial planning and how to create a holistic strategy for your organization’s financial future.

Time Management

Learning to prioritize and manage your time effectively is trickier than it sounds, but specialist training can ease the burden. With a one-on-one, group, or virtual coaching, you can learn how to maximize productivity and manage your time more efficiently.

Leadership Development

Heroes of Change lead the way, but there’s no such thing as a born leader. With expert input, you can hone your leadership skills and use them to shape the world.


The ever-changing world of communication has allowed for more opportunities to network with others than ever before. Knowing how to communicate effectively in-person, online, or via written correspondence is vital. Expert trainers can provide you with the skills, techniques, and confidence you need.


In a digital era, technology can be one of your company’s most significant assets. However, using the right technology is vital to streamlining processes, reducing costs, and maximizing productivity. Delivering training to small groups and individuals, our expert coaches help you to identify technological opportunities for your firm.


A facilitator ensures that your staff and personnel can maximize the training offered to them by giving you the freedom to engage in company-wide training opportunities. When individuals focus on their professional development, the organization as a whole will benefit. By facilitating individual growth, you can inspire others to become Heroes of Change and enhance the performance of your organization.

Board Development

An experienced and high-functioning board can lead your business to success. Board development training encourages board members to stay up-to-date with best practices so that they can deliver inspiring, effective, and productive leadership.

Train The Trainer

At EPIC Mission, we believe teaching others creates a spark of creativity, passion, and determination. When we train you to train others, we give you the tools, knowledge, and support you need to create this spark in other people. Giving you everything you need to deliver your training sessions, you will have the skillset to help others become Heroes of Change.

Some of Our Favorite Coaching Tools

DISC Profile

Personality determines your behavior

TEAMS Assessment

What’s your typical role within a team?

Values Assessment

What drives you to do what you do?

Behavioral Attitudes Index

Learn your hidden motivators

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Identify and align your spiritual gifts.

Finding Your WHY?

What deeper purpose are you pursuing?

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Training - EPIC Mission - Business Coaching Programs

What Our Clients Say

I can only say that Jeremy and the EPIC Mission folks did an outstanding job and delivered everything they promised and more.
Rick Smith - Former Executive Director, Eastern WV Community Action Agency
I find your guidance to be edifying …a qualitative and balanced mixture of candor, encouragement, and clarity. I think one of the most valuable results … is the emphasis on curiosity and continuous maturation.
Rev. Tyler Dirks - Senior Pastor, East Charlotte Pres
Jeremy’s EPIC Mission is driven by a purpose to help and serve. In only one hour, he made me realize how much we have to simplify and clearly communicate our same purpose. Tack on the remaining onslaught of knowledge and guidance that was included in that hour, and then our meeting becomes absolutely priceless. We even discussed how simplifying your business and purpose is akin to Einstein simplifying the language of the universe with E=MC^2. Highly recommended person, service, and mission.
Jon Eric Linville
Jeremy, as always you leave One Voice stretched, energized and better than when you started!!! Thank you for investing wisdom, encouragement and strength into our non profit!!! Until next time…
Debra Curry-Davis
Inspirational business coaching, pragmatic insight, and utilitarian tools that truly help. Thank you for all you do!
Kim Baker
Heart of Phoenix was so thankful to have EPIC Mission work on a strategic plan for our grassroots nonprofit. He was invested and cared about the work with us, and that mattered greatly.
Tinia Creamer

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