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Restaurants and food service providers are on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, and far too many of these essential businesses are struggling mightily right now. EPIC Mission stands ready, willing and able to jump in and come alongside these food service first responders to help them stay in the fight.
Restaurant Assessment
The EPIC team will need full cooperation, transparency and open minds and books to review a wide array of documentation including but not limited to operations manuals, licenses, financials, guest reviews, systems, controls and processes.We will assess the business from three distinct angles in order to gain a full understanding of potentials and limitations within the financial, operations and business opportunity perspectives. The EPIC team will meet with current internal and external stakeholders in order to ascertain opportunities, constraints and potential relating to the current situation.
Initial Findings
EPIC Mission will prepare a statement of initial findings related to this project and will detail our recommendation for a short-term strategy and tactics to address priority needs as discovered to this point.
Strategy in Motion
The EPIC team will work with current restaurant leadership and staff to install or resurrect current restaurant industry best practices, systems, controls and processes based on priority need to minimize cost,stabilize restaurant operations,drive sales and maximize profit. We will examine the current business model and consider options to add, iterate or pivot how the restaurant markets itself and generates revenue.
Final Report
EPIC Mission will prepare and deliver a comprehensive report capturing all activities and summarizing all findings and recommendations related to this project.This report will be focused on providing a road map guiding restaurant leadership through implementing a plan of action and offer the best chance possible to sustain restaurant operations.
For any questions related to this restaurant assessment and sustainability planning work, please contact EPIC Mission’s Managing Director, Jeremy Turner, by phone at 704-650-7197 or by email at Thank you in advance for your consideration and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.
Restaurant Assessment & Sustainability Planning - Epic Mission Blog