I can still remember my grandpa saying “measure twice, cut once” while he was in his workshop. To double check the measurements before cutting materials, minimizes making mistakes and wasting materials, time, and money. Although not many of us actually work in DIY projects or carpentry, this principle can still apply in our daily work. In the nonprofit sector, we don’t have materials, time, or money to waste, so let’s be sure to measure twice and cut once.

Take A Step Back.

Assessments, surveys, and evaluations are things that are often overlooked and perceived as unimportant activities because they don’t directly impact the lives of the people we serve. As non-profit leaders, we want to be hands-on; making an impact in everything we do. But we have to take a step back. These assessments, surveys, and evaluations are the tools you need to better serve and empower your neighbor.

What is hurting your community? What is the root of that hurt? By overlooking these forms of “measurements”, you may not actually solve the problem in front of you. You may be putting a band-aid on a much larger injury.

Measure Twice.

Community Needs Assessments serve as the “measure twice” for your programing, resource allocating, strategic planning, and more. They allow organizations to quantify and understand the root of the needs in the community, what your program is offering and what unique gaps need to be filled.

Cut Once.

So instead of having to address the same need over and over again, these tools allow you to “measure twice,” getting to the root of the issue at hand. All so that you can empower people and communities to thrive for generations to come.


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