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Kimberly McLain

Consultant & Grant Writer
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Kimberly discovered her passion for serving others while attending the University of Florida by immersing herself into her surroundings.

Whether it was serving coffee to Starbucks regulars, advocating as a Guardian ad Litem, or teaching painting classes at a local art studio, she realized how much she loved seeing others thrive in their communities.

Kimberly was introduced to a career in grant writing in 2017 after graduating with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Family, Youth and Community Sciences where she began connecting her passion for people with her passion for writing. Prior to joining the EPIC team, Kimberly served as the Community and Donor Relations Director for a small-town Florida non-profit for 2.5 years. Known for being a one-stop-shop for community resources, Lake Wales Care Center prepared Kimberly to successfully write grants for a wide range of programs including Literacy, Family Services & Basic Needs, Transitional Housing, Meals-on-Wheels, Youth Camps, and more. It’s through grant writing that she’s played a role in guiding organizations in their journey of developing programs to better serve their communities. She is dedicated to organizations and businesses that want to make a positive change in the world and renew hope in the hearts of those in their communities.

In her leisure, Kimberly loves hiking in the Sierra Nevadas, reading a captivating thriller, and perfecting her latte art skills.

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