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A Sit-Down with Julia Jahn of New Life Healing Ministries.

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As Part of the Heroes of Change Podcast

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Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Heroes of

Change podcast from EPIC Mission.

This is Jeremy Turner, Founder and Managing Director of EPIC

Mission and I’ll be your host here on the podcast.

We are highlighting the trials, victories, and applied wisdom

of our community change agents, unsung heroes,

and those who empower them to be the change. We seek to inspire

and equip every day heroes, just like you, take on our greatest

challenges because together, we are the change. And this episode,

it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome my longtime friend, Julie

Jahn to the show and we’ll get to Julie here in just a second.

But first let me read just a little bit about her.

So Julie Jahn’s been in Ministry for over 40 years.

She’s a widowed mother of three adult children, grandmother

of seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

She’s ministered through various businesses and nonprofits

and has led women’s groups, conferences, and retreats in New

Jersey, North Carolina, England,

Scotland, and Canada.

She’s written a training manual entitled “Healing Prayer for

Divine Appointments” and will soon be releasing “A Prince and

Princess of the King, Healing Series.”

So got a lot going on Julie, as always . Nothing new. So everybody’s

got a bio, you know, you can go on LinkedIn or Facebook

or somebody’s website and read a prepared statement about

them. Let’s go beyond the bio.

What else do we need to know about Julie Jahn

on that you’d like to share with us well.

I I think that what I would like to share with you today

Jeremy is that never give up, you know, if you have a dream.

If you have something in your heart, don’t give up and

you know, as I was thinking about this interview, I have

to remember the words of my cousin, Bobby, you know, if you

make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s just

a wonderful way of learning how to do something. Do it; do the

same thing in a different way.

So, you know, it’s just be creative and in love and I mean

I’ve spent my life helping and loving people and wanting

to be the conduit of helping them know who they are and do

what they’re called to do.

And as you know, I’m pretty tenacious when I get into that

so I know I love it.

I absolutely love it, you know, but you know, I I’ve been

on the planet for a long time. I’ve been around a lot of people and

you know, I just love helping people and I always find some

ways, some time to do that.

So through the years,

I’ve had a couple of nonprofits and businesses that have

done that and so that’s what I do with my life.

So what is it that you’re doing these days?

Let’s talk about that for a minute just to set up some of

our conversation for today.


Well, so what I’m doing today is I have a new venture

called New Life Healing Ministries.

It’s all about inner healing, 12-step mentoring and also spiritual

directions. So we’re teaching,

you know, we’re just helping people in this world the way

that it is at the moment, to focus more on Jesus and get rid

of all of their emotional spiritual hurts and then be a

real good presence in the world, to be the change that we

really want to see in the world, you know, the world is getting

evil and we need more good guys out there and good women;

good guys and good women.

It’s huge work that you’re doing.

I mean, you think about that, you’re leaving hurts and bringing

spiritual healing to people and you know, I know that you

and I have talked offline a bunch of times through the years.

How is it that you can do this work?

You know, how are you prepared to do this work?

And how has your past prepared you or you know,

my past has definitely prepared me because there’s

not anything that anybody is going to say to me that I don’t

know and say oh, yeah.

Well, I know I’ve been there, done that, you know, so the only

thing that I can’t say yes to is that there were no

drugs. So but anything else I think I’m pretty close to saying.

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about so, you know how I

can use my common sense and how I can use the anointing

that God has given me and how I can use the training.

I’ve gone through a training.

I used basically a five key model from Heart of the Father

Ministries and also use another model from the Order of Saint

Luke’s which is a healing group.

And so, you know, so you just train yourself to

listen to the Holy Spirit.

Listen to the person. People

don’t get listened to, too much anymore, you know, people are

busy talking about themselves and talking about COVID and

talking about all the grumble things that they have are getting,

but and they don’t have anybody to talk to because they’re

isolated. So, you know this is a great time to take

advantage of just speaking with somebody and let

them know how much who you are and why you’re hurting and

you know and pray out, pray it out, you know, just get rid

of it.

And then your life will be a lot easier.

So, you know, how does my take a first step like that though,

you know, people are isolated and it seems like these days,

you know, maybe folks aren’t encouraged as much to share

their thoughts and feelings and inner hurts.

We have, you know, things like social media where things

get shared out personal things about somebody gets shared

out and suddenly, you know a person’s life can get ruined.

Okay, right.


Right, right.

Well most of the time most of the people come through actually,

most of the clients that I get right

now, there are people that come from prayer. Our People through

churches because I’ve made presentations in churches and

you know the website pretty much, there’s this people that

come all over North Carolina before the COVID started.

So we are now starting June prayer times, but people are

choosing to come in person, which is really amazing, you

know, so, you know, if you’re hurting bad enough, you’re going

to look for something to make that feel better, you

know, if it bothers you, if it’s doing something

in your life and your marriage and your corporate situation,

you work situation, if you know if you’re broken and you

know, you get angry all the time, you just don’t really understand

why and it’s a great place to come because we can figure

out why and get rid of it,

right because you know, your inner self affects your personal

life and your professional life, right?

That’s correct, you know and there’s a lot of people out

there that have been abused and used and you know, not only

in a relationship but also at work and in churches and you

know and relationships words are very powerful Jeremy, you

know, when the more I get into this the more power I see

the words out, you know that you know when you say something

to somebody you never know if that’s a trigger word for that

person. You know that brings up a memory that maybe from

the childhood or maybe from college or you know grammar school

or maybe they were involved with bullies, you know, maybe

this is a generational curse in their family and there’s

just a word that just you just say something in it.

I mean I certainly had conversations with people before

I got into this and have used trigger words and I’ve seen

people go bonkers, you know what I’m saying?

What’s wrong with them?

Well now I know what you know, in retrospect, you know that

it’s very worth a very important very, very powerful, very

very powerful as you’re talking about that I was reflecting

that. I’ve got a friend I grew up with that the word ‘dummy’

set him off.

Yeah, right and it’s not really a pleasant word.

No one,

I think wants to be called that, but it was because

they were constantly called this and basically we’re bullied

with this word and absolutely sets them off.

And so you arrive where it’s absolutely, we do have power,

sure. Yeah, that’s right.

You know, the words are very, very powerful and in the book

that I just wrote those down,

some power is power words that I have put in there, you know

that you know, like I mean, you know, like I had a session

when someone be just a couple days ago and she was bullied.

Well she was in school and she was always chunky when she

was a little girl.

She was called ‘fat’ and now she’s got problems with food

and her own self-esteem.

So, you know, you just cover now or maybe a parent knows

that you’re done.

You’ll never amount to anything and the child works their

butt off to get a degree and acclamation and you know, and

you know, hey, mom, look at me;

look what I did.

Oh, well, yeah, you know, I told you you were ‘stupid,’ you

didn’t do as good as your brother.

That’s not a good thing to say.

So maybe a parent should kind of look and and listen to themselves.

Sometimes when they speak to their children, but this is

all in retrospect, you know from the way that I was,

in the way that I am today.

So, you know, it’s a learning curve, you know.

So you talk about your journey a little bit.

You’ve done a number of things in your life.

Well, I have to say that started in,

jeez, I don’t know what, all over the place, but most of, mostly

there was a marginal people that we work with, you know,

because that’s what most ministries are for and so, but during

that I started working for CUMAC,

which is in Paterson, New Jersey, which is really a warehouse

for food banks.

And so that was a very wide eyed experience because you saw

people that didn’t understand that they had to get up and

get dressed and come to work in the morning.

And so it was really very interesting ministry.

And so I was the executive director was very, very kind and

taught me a lot about people there and then I moved

then we left New Jersey.

We lived in New Jersey and then we left New Jersey. Well

before I left New Jersey I did have a new, which I know that

you want me to say about is that I started I started

clowning. I started doing clowning and I was a clown for

a professional clown for 20 years and out of those 20 years,

I would say probably 18 of them was in ministry.

So I was a regular clown for like about two years and then

they found out that there are such a thing called the Christian

Clown and so I got trained and we started doing, we started

doing a lot of birthday parties with the Word of God and

doing some evangelization and training and conferences and

it was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time.

So we used to have healing services on Friday night as we

opened the conference and then we would have a big worship

time on Saturday night after the conference was over and

so I still get compliments and comments about that over the

years. You know, I can’t I remember when they know, those sort

of thing but we were able to touch a lot of people and a

lot of people, you know, it was a way to find out.

You were and that’s what my all of my ministry has

been, Jeremy is to help people find out who they are, you

know, and I have a funny story about that because that when

we had our first workshop on how to get how to be a clown.

This lady came in and called and she says, ‘how old is too

old to come to this workshop’ and I say, ‘Well as long as you

can drive, you know, and you’re confident you can come’

you know, so she came, she was 84 years old. Her name was

Thelma and so she went through the whole thing and as we were

putting our makeup on and I said, ‘Okay, now it’s time for

you to pick a name for yourself,


what are you going to call yourself?’

She says, ‘I’m going to call myself, ‘Chatterbox’ and I said, ‘Why are you

going to call yourself, ‘Chatterbox?’

She says, ‘I came out of my mother’s womb talking and I haven’t

shut up since’ she says. So the last I heard about Thelma.

Then so I said, What are you going to do with your clowning?’

She said, ‘Oh I’m going to go to that old folks home and

help those people get happy.’

So she drove till the kids took her keys away, till she was

89 and she got in that clown outfit and she went to the, she

went to the old folks home, get them happy all the time.

So to me that to me is giving somebody a purpose,

giving them, you know, some kind of guidance, you know, a

lot of people went into the nursing homes and a lot of people

went into the hospital.

Feels a lot of people, you know, and then after that we

started a TV show talking about

your, we did a TV show and so we would have people and

how did you use your, how do you use your gifts?

How do you use the gifts that God gave you? So we had a lot

of people come in and talk about their ministries and how

they use their talents.

So some of them were clowns, some of the musicians.

Some of them are artists.

Some of them were, you know, all kinds of different ways

that people, you know, people who like to knit, you know,

it just, you know, however they use their


So we had a TV show for that and then I

moved out of New Jersey.

So when I got to North Carolina, I started doing, I

started working with people and children and Gastonia and

it was a children’s song and so I was a developer there and

so we started. So we got the kids involved and again clowning

came in.

So I we had a show at one of the schools to do for reading

and writing, so I had the girls put on makeup and I taught

them. We taught a little skit and we went in and we talked

about how important reading and writing was and the kids

just love it.

I mean, you know, they just never have that in their life.

So it was just really, because when you put on the clown face,

you know, your real personality comes out your alter ego,

so to speak. Let’s talk about that for a second.

So I think that’s an interesting topic this alter ego and

you know, I’ve talked about this before how you know, when

you select a name and your makeup and your dress,

you know, your clothing as a clown and your alter ego comes

out. Yeah, so you’ve got that scenario right out as a clown;

your alter ego comes out for people out in the world.

How many times we have to put on our alter ego as we step

out into the workforce?


It’s true.

Someone may be an extreme introvert, but they realized in

order to do their job.

They’ve got to step out and become something else.

That’s correct.

What if you know, what have you learned from clowning

about yourself and about other people that you’re

able to take and apply to what you’re doing now with in

Healing Ministry?

Well, I have to say when what I want of the things I would

say. Top things that I learned is laughter is definitely

a good medicine, you know, whether you laugh at yourself,

what level laugh at the job or whether you laughed at somebody

that’s really ticking you off or whatever the case may be,

you know, it’s just there was a saying we used to say

when clowning is that if you take like too serious, you’re never

going to get out alive, you know, so, you know, it’s you

know life is life.

And I mean some of its really funny.

Some of its really sad some of us, really ugly, you know,

but you know, it’s your perspective of what life is all about.

You know, I mean, everybody’s going to have bad days that

you know, it’s not always a good day, but it’s a lot better

with a smile.

I absolutely agree with that and see the years

I’ve seen you smile and laugh a lot and I think it’s amazing.

Yeah, so you worked in Healing Ministry before this is not

your first go-around and Healing Ministry, right?

That’s correct.

So, how was how was your work in the Healing Ministry?

How’s that changed over time?

Well, you know, I have to say that it has changed, but

I’d like to stick with the different concepts has different

evaluations, their different perspectives.

There’s you know, new age was not there when I was when I

was learning, you know, I and also my own perspective and

also my own research, you know, because I was very confined

in a very small space of learning what I learned.

So I did realize that all of this other stuff was out there.

So maybe it hasn’t changed.

You know what I mean?

I mean, it’s just different.

It’s just different today, you know, but God is the Healer

so, you know, I mean the oils and the incense and all that

good stuff is part of healing I guess today, but God is the

Ultimate Healer.

You know, since you’ve started this new venture, the

world has changed a bit, especially the last several months.

So can you talk a little bit about how you’ve had to adjust

and you touched on it earlier with Zoom, but how you had

to adjust what it is that you do and how you do it over the

last several months since this Coronavirus? Well, I’ve had to adjust for a couple of

reasons, not what’s best, but it’s better than nothing.

And so, any buddies out there has a place for me

to rent,

let me know and then also we’re going to be starting

to do the Zoom which is going to be really different, you

know, because it’s very important that you see the face, the

facial. Facial action, the body action, of the tone of voice.

It’s all part of reading into are you comfortable

with that?

Are you not comfortable with that?

Is that something we need to look at?

You know, when did that start?

Why are you thinking that way?

You know, why you squirming in your chair, you know, so it’s

very important to have a full view of the person that you’re

really doing there as so that you can you can get a sense

of where you have to go with the questions, you

know, so in this help see it healing process.

It’s not up to the facilitator which would be myself or someone

else. It’s up to the person.

It’s kind of prayer to take full responsibility of you know,

what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, you know, so

forgiveness is always the big thing.


That’s a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big

thing and you know, so it’s very difficult and you know,

so to forgive people that you’ve held the hurt in your

heart for a long time.

It’s very hard, you know, there’s a couple of times I’ve

done a couple of sessions and it’s usually

someone that you have to forgive the most for dads and guess

it gets it most of the time, or mom.

Come on, Dad or Mom.

But you know, like I mean there was a girl

that I did a session was quite a few years ago and we

go back and we try to figure it out and she just wasn’t ready.

She just wasn’t ready, you know and, but by the end of the

session we went back like two or three times and then the

fourth time she said ‘Yeah, I’m ready, ‘you know, so it’s you

know, doing it in person and doing it online are going

to be different, definitely different and besides you usually

get a hug at the end of the session and you can’t do that

online. No, I don’t think you can do that just yet.

Maybe that’s in the next version of Zoom.

Yeah, right.


Exactly, exactly.

Who knows about that going to 3D major things have happened,

Julie. Yes.

This is true.

This is very true.

So, you know, I’m going to dig into a couple different questions;

one, you know, I’ve heard you talk about forgiveness and

and you know sidebar to forgiveness might be regret.

So, you know thinking about your own life,

what would you say is one of your greatest regrets and how

we’ve been able to take that regret and and turn it into

a positive and let it fuel you for what you’re doing now?

Now, well, I think my biggest regret is that I never went

to college and never got you know, my life took a

terrible turn when I was 13.

My dad died and my life died.

So I didn’t recoup from that till I was in my early 30s.

So that was almost what 10 years, 20 years that you lose.

And so those years a lot.

I mean, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Used to beat myself up about it, but I might I’ve learned,

you know as they say kiddingly I graduated Magna Cum Laude

from the School of Hard Knocks, you know, and that’s pretty

much the way that I’ve learned, but I’ve also

learned like learned from I’ve always tried to be around

people who are younger than me and smarter than me so that

I can learn.

You know, what

do you know?

How do you do that?

You know, how do you feel about that?

You know, like, well the way you do it doesn’t really work

for me, but I’m going to take it and I’m going to twist it

and I’m going to make it fit for me, you know, so, you know

for all those people that have helped me in my life and have

been in my life,

I thank you because you’ve helped me

graduate Magna Cum Laude.

You know, I yeah, I love to learn and I have a, uou

know, like this Healing Ministry is just like I can’t get

enough books to read about and they’re all basically the

same, you know, I mean they’re basically the same thing,

you know, and so it’s not like clowning and you know or being

in development or being in a nonprofit arena, it just

all depends on the person coming for prayer.

So in other words you’re saying I’m sorry, go ahead.

I heard you talking in that about you didn’t receive a formal

education from a college or university.

What I did hear you say was that you’ve continued to grow

and evolve and learn and absorb things from other people.

So I just wanted to point that piece out because for example,

in my own family, my mom

did not have an opportunity to even graduate high school.

She went and got her GED eventually and my dad had a different

opportunity but was able to through the Army go on and

get his Doctorate in Education and so in my home, I had a

later on GED and a PhD and so I was able to learn the

difference between education and intelligence and that there’s

two types of education available.

So I just wanted to take a moment to point that out for anyone

watching, listening that just because you don’t have an opportunity

to go gain a formal education at a college or university absolutely

does not mean you can’t go and educate yourself through various.

There’s so many different

opportunities, platforms, and such we can go and educate yourself.

So that’s right.


I agree with you; have an open mind and listen, you know,

just listen, you know, I mean, you know, there’s anything

that I that that I’ve done in my life done it was because

somebody just something I saw somebody doing something gave

me an idea to do something and you know, sometimes I do succeed,

sometimes I did pretty good.

Sometimes I really did good.

You know, I think the piece about not succeeding is huge.

You know, I remember growing up, you know, just the world

around me would push this narrative that failure was not

an option, that you can’t fail, you know, whether it was playing

sports or in school not failing was the predominant narrative

and if you failed then you are a failure.

You didn’t fail at something.

So it was attached to human being so that’s something that

you’ve seen in your healing.

Agree with people who have because you you didn’t work out

the way you wanted it to do for a reason.

So what’s that reason?

What’s that reason?

It didn’t work out was it because of the attitude was it

because of the atmosphere was it because you didn’t give

it enough love and attention wasn’t because you know, I mean

you could go on and then was in an endless list there, you

know, so, you know like and failure, I think is the mindset.

I think it’s something that came from a workers or came from,

you know, bully being bullied or you know, I mean just something

from the past that has triggered that emotion, you know,

that you’re a failure, you know, and those that are

overachievers have the same issue, you know, so you

going to fail, you know, who achieve this look like middle,

middle ground, you know, so you have that it’s all or nothing.

Yeah, right, exactly, you know, so I mean it’s the same lies

and it’s the same motivation.

So yeah, that’s my two cents about that from a Christian

perspective and there’s a couple things I think to dig into

is you know, if if we have a plan and we can’t execute it

or it doesn’t work out right then, you know, we have to learn

to give that to God and say that you know, it’s His Plan.

He’s got something different for us.

That’s absolutely correct.

And you have to really pay attention to the people in

your life.

You know, who is God sending in your life, you know, and

what is He trying to tell you, you know with the

people that are around you and you know, sometimes people

do things because their parents wanted them to do them or

because I think that’s what they’re supposed to do.

But sometimes it may be the Ministry or the way, they’re

supposed to make a living is not the way that they’re doing

it, you know, and they’re miserable in it.

So I would definitely chat with Jesus about that.

I think that’s great Council.

Yeah another way to look at failure is you know within entrepreneurship,

we teach that failure is an opportunity to learn and you and

I have talked about this as an opportunity to begin again

this time better informed and so, you know taking those two

perspectives and combining them so understanding that, you

know, if you did fail that means that God has something different

and better for you and to take an opportunity to learn from

the situation,

if perhaps from the people around you how did they support

you or not support you kind of reveals the character of those

around you, but also looking for the opportunity to learn

and then apply that moving forward and that’s an important

thing to look at, the people that surround you, you know that

you don’t have people around you that are you know, encouraging

you or you know, like just you know, you’re doing a good

job, Jeremy, you go.

You know what

I mean?

It’s a good job that you’re doing.

You know, great idea,

why don’t you do that, you know, but, you know, maybe

you could do it this way?

So you don’t always have to do it the way it is in the book,

you know what I mean?

You know, add your own personality to whatever you’re

going to decide to do because that’s what makes it beautiful

put your soul in it and I think that’s something that you

know, some folks get caught up on, right?

They get this vision that has to look like something else

or someone else rather than recognizing the beauty of the

thing is them, that they’re the beautiful piece, they’re the

beautiful variable in the equation, right?

That’s exactly right.

That’s exactly right.

So, you know, we never know who’s listening to a particular

episode, but I want to throw this out there.

So you’ve begun something new and at a time when people,

you know, might have retired or might be in the process of

retiring, what courage when might you give someone who may

be around your age,

we’re not going to discuss age here,

that would be rude, but someone who might feel like

they’re too old to start something new or maybe they

just need to keep doing what they’re doing rather than try

something new? Any encouragement, you might offer? We get

rid of that line really quick.

Well what I would say to someone, you know, I mean you’re never

too old to do anything.

Well, I mean, I don’t think I’d go climb Mount Everest at

this point, but you know, I mean, there’s always something

you can do; there’s always something you do.


Yes, you know, I don’t like the word ‘retire.’

That’s the word that I’ve kind of gotten rid of so I’m just

changing direction.

I’m just changing the way that I live my life, you know what

I mean?

And so I’m just changing my my passion is so, you know,

most people, most people retire and they feel useless, but

there’s so much you guys can do out there.

I mean, you know, like even if you’re sick and you’re homebound,

I mean you can, I mean there’s tons of things you can do; you

can be an intercessor,

you can knit hats, you can you know, write letters to people

that are homebound and I mean there’s tons of things so

for me,

there’s no excuse for anybody to get old, old, old, old, old,

old, you know. Die with a smile on your face and let people wonder

what you’re up to.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but – you said it’s too late,

we have it on video.


There you go.

It’s been said, the darts go.

Well, I want to ask you,

why do you feel so compelled to do what you’re doing now?

Okay, because the Lord has anointed me to do it.

I, you know, usually I have lots of stories and this time

after my husband died in 2011, I said ‘What am I going to do with myself and what am I going to be when I grow up?’

This book just happened to fall into my lap,

The Journey Begins, so I did research, I found out where they were

having training and then I got involved and I got hooked

up with a group in Charleston.

I went there like three or four times, got more training and

I went to another conference and I just started and haven’t

looked back since; I haven’t looked back.

I haven’t looked back.

How do you think that what you’re doing is making a difference?

You talked about a little bit, but can you dig into that?

What’s some of the the results that you’ve seen?

Have you seen people’s lives change?

Can you talk a little bit about that?

Oh my gosh.

Well, I’ve seen a lot of people’s lives change, but I’m going

to use two examples that I can tell you is that I did a session

with someone and they were petrified to have children; petrified

because of something that happened in their life and we went

through the process and we did what we had to

do and today they’re a mother of a fine little baby boy and

I love them and they’re taking very good care of them.

I’ve seen, so there was another one that was afraid of relationships

because of things that happened in her past and we did healing;

we went through the process and today actually she’s married

six months.

Now, you know, there’s there’s a couple of guys that got

hang-ups because of relationships and other things and you

know, there’s a lot of things

that happen in the home that I don’t think that we are really

aware of, you know, and there’s a lot of damage done to boys

and girls, you know in the young years and especially aspects

sexually, you know, so it’s that kind of like bums out your

relationship type sort of thing, you know.

So a lot of it is about, it’s all about relationships, you

know, and so when I went, when you do a session, you know the

the sessions with the guys are you know it well,

I’m going to give you another example.

So this guy came for a session and we did the session

it was going along really well and we’re talking about his

father. And I said, ‘Did you ever forgive you father?’

And he just stopped because his father abandoned him.

And there’s a lot of abandonment, too, you know, so I said ‘Did

you ever forgive your father?’

He says ‘I never thought to do that’ and I asked him if he

would like to and he said yes, and he did and it changed

his whole perspective about men.

In the end, God, you know and I mean so when you see miracles

like that, I mean, they’re small miracles, but they’re miracles,

you know people are not usually open to telling

their deep dark secrets, you know, and in my day we used

to call them ‘closet secrets,’ you know, that everything is left

in the closet, but you know, that in order to

grow spiritually,

mentally, and physically, and it’s self-esteem and purpose,

you have to get rid of all that other garbage because it’s

just like a ball and chain on your neck and your ankle and

it’s not going to let you go anywhere.

And so this is a process to help people release that that

chain absolutely and the session is not only once

you know, I mean, there’s a couple of guys that have gone

through the session three and four, five times and then there’s

people that will go through the session and then come for

spiritual direction or come for spiritual mentoring, you

know, so I love to listen and you know, I’m a good listener

and I’ve been trained now to be able to pick up the words

maybe you don’t hear,

maybe you don’t realize you say because you use them so often

and I’m able to just say to you.

Did you ever look at that?

How do you feel about that?

How’s that make you feel you know, so, you know and the devil

is great at giving us lies.

You know, we’re not good enough.

You know nothing will ever change, you can take care of everything

yourself. Thank you very much.

You know, you’re a bad dad.

You’re a bad mom.


Well, thankfully there’s something around and there’s

people around doing what you’re doing, you know helping people

to feel that release.

And again the one life as they were meant to live it,

finally. Yes.





So yeah there are two of the hardest by the Ministries

which is likely umbrella and they call it unbound, you know,

I think 19 countries now and this several I think

their book has been translated to five or six different languages.

The last I heard was that it was going in Chinese, you know,

so there’s a lot of, is a lot of people using this model out

in the world and also are the models very similar, you know,

but at the baseline is God does it.

You know what I mean?

And the other one,

the only thing is that the person coming for prayer

has a desire in want to be healed because they don’t

have a desire to in want to be healed then it’s going to

be a very difficult, long road for all of us, you know, so

change is that easy right?

I mean I guess it is and it isn’t; it starts with someone

has to actually want change but then and then there’s a process

to work through, right?

Well, we both know, Jeremy when something bothers you

long enough, you’re going to do something about it, you know

when it’s really good.

To the way of what you want to do you got to do something

about it.

And if you want to grow, you know, you can stay in there

and grumble, right?

So you have the choice when you feel enough pain, you’ll

seek a remedy.

That’s correct.

That’s correct.

That’s correct.

That’s correct.


So, the title of this podcast is the Heroes of Change,

you know, my company, the our tagline is Guiding the Heroes of

Change. There’s a lot of talk about this Hero of Change thing

and so I just love to hear from you.

What is that when you hear that?

Phrasing Hero of Change, what does that mean to you?

For me, when I hear that is to all those out there

that are willing to step out and go down a different road

than what other people have said

we need to go and be a better person because of it in the

world being a better person around them because everybody

has a sphere of influence, you know, and so if you can change

an arena where you live or work or play or do whatever for

the positive, that’s a hero. So why is it so important that

everyday people like you and I get up and and challenge ourselves

to go forward and be the change?

Well, if we don’t do it, who’s going to do it?

Yeah, short, sweet answer.

I figured that’s what was going to what was coming that was

coming. You know, it can be you, it could be anybody

but you know, Jesus calls us all to go out there and be there,

you know, just some of us hear it and some of us don’t so

I’ve got three questions for you as one is why should people

be encouraged by your story? Or what

would you like people to take away from your story?

I would like people to take away from my story to persevere

regardless of what life throws at

you. Just persevere.

Everybody’s got a dream in their heart.

Everybody wants to grow up to be something, you know, and

don’t put yourself down, build yourself up because you can

do it someday.

Good and what final advice might you have for some Heroes

of Change that might be listening? Whether they’re perhaps

just getting started on their journey to go and launch a

new venture, or maybe they’ve been on the journey for a while

and they’re feeling tired or drained or worn out – what kind

of advice or words of wisdom

can you offer?

Look for positive people in your life that will encourage

you to continue. You know, don’t hang around your friends

that say you’ll never do that.

You know, ‘Why the heck are you doing that for?’ Just kind of disregard

them for a while while you grow, you know, make

sure that you stay around positive people.

It’s, and talk to God because He can help you out a lot.

If you’re going to find positivity,

that’s a great place to go.

Yeah, you know, I mean, there’s not too much positivity in

the world right at the moment, so you have to go digging

a little bit to find the people that are going to encourage

you, but find people that’ll be encouraging, you know, because

a lot of times in my life, everybody, there wasn’t a whole

lot of encouragement, but I just knew I had to do what I

have to do, so I went and did it. I understand and I think

you know anyone who might be listening to us can reflect

back on a time when maybe they were around people who weren’t

particularly encouraging to them and you know what it meant

when they finally broke free from that circle of influence

and and got around people that were more encouraging so and

don’t always think in the box.

Think out of the box. What box? What ever box they’re living

in, get out of the box. Outside the box, for sure.

So I’m thankful for your time and I would hope that people

listening today or watching today might be encouraged to

reach out and learn more about what it is that you’re doing

in the Healing Ministry.

So if people want to reach out connect with you and learn

more about you and the work you’re doing, how can they do?

Actually, well they can reach me by email, which

is NLHealingMin@Gmail.com, or call me on my cell at


And just to be clear you’re located in Matthews, which is

just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina,


Right. But thanks to Zoom,

you can be anywhere.


There you go.


Okay, and we’ll be putting your contact information up when

we publish this episode. Okay. We’ll do that as well.

Awesome, Julie.


I appreciate it.

It’s been fun, Jeremy.

Good to talk with you. always a pleasure, we’ll have to do this again

soon. Yeah.

Love you guys.

I love you, too.

So that’s all for this episode of the Heroes of Change podcast

from EPIC Mission.

We hope that you’ve been inspired by something that you’ve

heard today because together, we are the change. Tune in next

time as we dig into the story of another hero and learn what

they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why they do what

they do.

Take care, stay encouraged, and we’ll look forward to seeing

you next time on the Heroes of Change podcast from EPIC

Mission. Take care.