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These are challenging times for us all. At EPIC Mission, we’re hurting, too, but we believe that we can still stand up and serve others in the midst of our pain. So here’s what we’re offering: a FREE 1-hour strategy session to help you devise a survival plan. We only ask that you treat this as a business meeting and come prepared. Also, we need you to share with us any documents to be reviewed or specific questions or concerns to be addressed at least 24 hours before our meeting so that we can be prepared to help you.

For those who may need additional help beyond the strategy session, we are temporarily suspending our usual fee structure and implementing a pay-what-you-can model to help you get the help you need. We will work with you to determine what help looks like and then craft a proposal sharing the details and what our cost would typically be for this service. Then, we will ask you what you can afford to pay based on your current situation and, if at all possible, we will meet you where you are and get to work. Depending on your budget, we may need to work with you to figure out alternative methods that still get you the help you need in a timely manner.

We will be following a proven process in helping you devise a simple and easy-to-implement strategy. Ahead of our session, we need you to consider where you want to go versus where you are now and what are the primary obstacles blocking your path forward. This mindset will lay the groundwork for a successful strategy session. Are you ready? Let’s do this! Together, #WeAreTheChange.


Book Your Free Strategy Session - Business Consultant Company


Book Your Free Strategy Session - Business Consultant Company


Book Your Free Strategy Session - Business Consultant Company

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Book Your Free Strategy Session - Business Consultant Company

I have known Jeremy for years and he has always been a trusted source for an unbiased “gut check”. He has amazing insight! In 2019 we engaged EPIC Mission to help us with some strategic planning. We had a 1.5 day intensive session that CHANGED our direction of our Firm for the better. We are so pleased that we are recommending EPIC Mission to all of our clients.

Matt Andersen

Jeremy is just a great human being. He truly cares about people and he is dedicated to helping others. I have been self employed for 17 years. It is a fact that businesses and business owners change (and need to change) over the the course of years. As I’ve traveled this journey, no one has helped me more than Jeremy. Both on a personal level and for the life of my business, I am grateful to Jeremy for all that he has done for me.

Dave W.

Really enjoyed working with EPIC Mission! Jeremy made me look at our goals and current operations in a more holistic way which in turn shaped the ‘road’ to our goal. I’d recommend EPIC Mission to anyone wanting to take a step back and look at their organization or business with fresh eyes.

Liz Koerschgen