What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Let yourself dream

Set aside everything that might be holding you back from dreaming. Set aside lack of finances. Set aside family ties. Set aside pandemic barriers. Set aside all the grips this world has on you and just for a moment, let yourself dream. What would you do? Would you travel? Would you quit your job and start over? What is your dream?

Too often, we in our human nature, hold ourselves back more than anything. We have a tendency to stop ourselves from dreaming because it feels dangerous. It feels dangerous to want something that seems impossible. We are so afraid of failing that we would rather not even bother trying at all. Why is that? Where did we learn that? Who taught us that failing is a bad thing?

Failing or Flying

What if we stopped looking at failing as a negative, but instead looked at it as flying. There are ups and downs, there is a breeze and maybe some clouds get in the way, but we fly on through and keep going.

So many people who have had big dreams took a chance and didn’t let the fear of failure hold them back. Walt Disney was fired from his job as a reporter because he didn’t have enough imagination *eyeroll.* Are you kidding? He didn’t let that stop him. He moved forward and went on to become a pioneer of the animation industry.

Is failing inevitable?

So what? Life isn’t perfect. We all know that by now. So we try and we fail but all the while, we fly. We are on this EPIC journey called life and we can either play it safe, or we can take a chance, pursue our dreams one step at a time and have the ride of a lifetime.


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