In this video Jeremy talks about business consulting a service that EPIC Mission provides and some steps we take with our clients. Watch the whole video below or read the transcription to learn more!

I’m Jeremy Turner. I’m the founder and managing director of EPIC Mission. Today we’re going to talk about Business Consulting. When we first meet someone who says they may be interested in hiring a consultant, it’s extremely important for us on our end to dig really deep and make sure that we really understand what is the core problem that this individual in this organization is experiencing at the present. We want to make sure that in our work we dig really deep and we’re addressing underlying issues not the surface level symptoms, so that we can really create some permanent, lasting change for this organization. Now once an individual or an organization becomes a client, our first step is to conduct a visioning session with this organization to ensure that we are all very clear on what the future looks like, where we want to go, where we are now, and what the plan is to move from here to there. To include things like timelines, expectations, and roles and responsibilities for both parties. That way we have really clear expectations, and we can hit the ground running. There are a couple of reasons why someone might need a business consultant. Here are a few: One is an individual or an organization may just need a fresh perspective, and this is absolutely one of the benefits of working with a consultant because we are not in your business every day. And so we have our fresh perspective when we come in and take a look at everything that you’re doing. Two is capacity. You may not have the human resources or the time to work on whatever you need help with, so that would be reason number two. And three is you may need outside expertise. There could be something around strategy or fund development or whatever, and you just don’t have that expertise within your organization. So this would be one of one additional reason why you might look outside of your organization and potentially higher business consultant like us. If your business has plateaued, and you’re feeling stuck, there are two really quick things – easy things – that you can do to hopefully get yourself unstuck and get moving forward again. Here they are: One is if you take a look at your current customers, your current clients, or your recent previous clients, these are people that already like you. You’ve already served them you’ve done well and they love you. Consider are there additional problems that you can solve for them? So are there additional products or services that you can begin to implement and provide to these people with whom you already have a relationship? The second thing is to consider are there other groups out there? Are there other market segments who need what you’re already producing? Who need your current product or your current service and you just haven’t thought about them before? So, you would take your current product or current service and begin to market it to another sector of the community. Here you could either consider creating new products, new services for existing customers and/or are there additional customer segments that you can begin to serve using your current offerings? If you’re thinking about starting a business, I would urge you to consider this: The number one reason why businesses fail is that they are creating a product or a service that nobody cares about. Nobody wants or nobody needs, and so before I started a business, I would want to make absolutely sure that this business is centered around solving a meaningful problem – a problem that enough people care enough about that they would be willing to part with their hard-earned cash to purchase your solution. And so, it’s crucial that you take the time to validate that the problem you’re seeking to solve is indeed meaningful. And that the solution you’re offering is actually something that people would want. You can’t go ask your mom. You can’t go ask your friends. Unfortunately, they will lie to you. They love you, but they will lie to you. So you’ve got to get outside of your really close circle of friends and family, and seek to validate that this problem that you think you’ve identified is indeed a meaningful problem and that the solution you’re offering is actually a solution that people will want. That’s all I have for you today on the topic of Business Consulting. I hope that you found the information helpful. Thank you again for tuning in, and I look forward to seeing you next time.