Upon Reflection:
Lessons Learned from My Conversation with Dr. Barb Brady.

By: Jeremy Turner, MBA
Founder & Managing Director: EPIC Mission

I knew in the middle of our podcast session just exactly what I wanted to write about for this reflection piece. As with all my guests, there are tons of things I could pull out and expand upon, but there were two items in particular that really resonated with me in the moment that I want to be sure no one misses.
First, Dr. Brady spoke of how one of her teachers saw something in her that she did not see in herself. It took another person to believe in her and encourage her so that she could begin to move forward towards her true potential. Were it not for this lovely human who took the time to nurture her and speak life and hope and possibility into her life, Barb’s life most assuredly would have turned out much differently and Inspiring Dreams Network would not be here to bless the lives of others.

The notion that we often can’t see our own beauty and power and magic and that it takes someone else with an outside perspective to truly see us is nothing new, as it’s become a recurring theme across several of my guests’ stories. The people I most enjoy working with and interviewing are humble people who often come from meager beginnings and simply put their collective heads down and go about making a positive difference in the world without much fanfare or desire for public recognition. They do what they do because it needs to be done. Consider for a moment, however, that some of these folks might never have embraced their destiny had someone else not taken a keen interest in them first. It surely takes a village.

The second thing that hit home with me is how Dr. Brady and all of these Heroes feel so compelled to pay it forward and pour themselves into lives of service to children and communities and disenfranchised populations that so often go unnoticed or purposely overlooked. Whereas how each Hero serves others may look and sound different from one to the next, it’s the selfless spirit driving them that may be so clearly seen in each of them. They remember the people who have made them feel visible and valued and validated and those who have mentored them and modeled what it means to be a difference-maker.

These Heroes of Change don’t view what they do as remarkable in any way and they aren’t really comfortable with the Hero moniker. They aren’t looking for accolades, they want results and will persevere until they see the change they envision in their minds’ eyes because they are just stubborn like that. To whom much is given much is expected. These Heroes understand that thanks to a favorable twist of fate the cosmos paired them with someone who changed their lives and, because of this, they are driven to ensure that the investment made on them pays dividends that ripple across generations well into the future. People like Dr. Brady are the change. You can be too.