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Craig Coster

Consultant, Financial Analyst & Ministry Specialist
800-507-4048 x702

Craig Coster, a Huntington native, is a dedicated husband to his wife Lori, and a loving father to their two daughters, ages 20 & 17. Craig holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Marshall University, a Masters of Divinity in Counseling from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry in Community Transformation from Palmer Theological Seminary. These three degrees have given him a unique vantage point for coaching and consulting and his experience as a pastor and a financial professional and his service on multiple regional and national nonprofit Boards and Finance Committees has further informed his deep skill set. Craig is a skilled presenter, coach, and mentor to the clients with whom he works, and he is an avid reader and overall student of life.

Coming alongside nonprofits and small businesses facing uphill battles in changing communities is Craig’s passion. He believes that many organizations were founded with a good mission, but have failed to have the deep impact for which they were formed. Their programs were initially effective but, as the community has faced changes, the organization’s people, programs and processes did not adjust accordingly. As a member of the EPIC Mission Team, Craig brings his counseling skills to help organizations clarify their goals and purposes, his evaluation skills to come alongside these organizations seeking more effective use of their resources (financial and otherwise), his research skills and insights to better understand communities with whom his clients are working and his organizational skills to help clients reach their greatest impact. He looks forward to meeting you, developing a strong relationship and learning how he might serve you and your community or organization.

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