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The strength of a consultant lies in their curiosity and willingness to set aside their ego. Our team hails from a varied background and has worked with organizations across a vast array of industries and service sectors, as well as organizations ranging from the newly imagined startup to the international giant. 

Strategic Planning

We approach our work from a behavioral perspective knowing that the greatest of plans will fail if the human beings tasked with carrying it out are not considered during the planning process. We also blend current best practices from the world of innovation and entrepreneurship with more traditional planning methodologies and we teach you our process along the way. Our team of strategic planning consultants will help you to envision, create and execute better strategies that are collaborative, imaginative, prescriptive, and work with you to ensure that your valuable resources are focused on clear goals that will help move your organization forward towards your ideal future.

Community Needs Assessment

Many organizations, from Community Action Agencies to the local United Way, will regularly wish to take a pause in their work to ensure that what they are doing is based on current priority needs within their service area. Our team has successfully designed and led many needs assessment engagements for organizations of all sizes within both the for-profit and nonprofit realms. We leverage a proven system that balances primary and secondary data and provides deep, expert-level analysis so that your organization can rest assured its valuable resources will be focused where you can do the most good.

Feasibility Studies

Oftentimes a leader or organization has a vision for a new program or facility that will require a fair-sized investment to bring to fruition. In being good stewards of the funds entrusted to them, these leaders or organizations may wish to investigate the current landscape before committing to moving forward. Feasibility studies allow for an unbiased team of professionals to take a deep dive into the particulars so that leadership can keep their emotions in check by making data-driven, informed decisions.

Succession & Continuity Planning

As a business professional, you have worked hard to get to the point you are at today. However, what steps have you taken to ensure business continuity? Do you know how long your company would survive if you lost a key person? What about your exit strategy? We will aid you in addressing such business elements by helping you understand the value of your business with succession and continuity planning.

Business Planning & Development

Before initiating a business plan, a feasibility plan is a must. Whether you are a seasoned professional working on a new project that you are launching for your company, or you are an entrepreneur with a great new idea, a feasibility plan is a must to make sure you have an idea that will thrive.

Market Research Studies

Before launching a new program, changing locations or expanding operations into a new area, it’s vital that organizational leaders have a clear understanding of whether or not the local market will support what you hope to bring. Using a blend of primary and secondary research methods, our team at EPIC Mission will analyze the market size, current trends, market growth rate, distribution channels, and other key performance indicators while also assessing your organization to craft a final report that captures all activity and provides deep analysis and our unbiased recommendations.

Fundraising & Fund Development

Our team of experts can assist your business with fundraising and fund development. To do so, we will help you look for opportunities for finding and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging governmental agencies, charitable foundations, businesses, and individuals.

Process Design & Improvement

Business process design (BPD) involves creating a new workflow or process from scratch. This strategy is different from the business process redesign, which consists of taking a process you already have and improving it. However, we can assist with both. After all, processes are the building blocks of any business.

Organizational Assessment

Organizational assessments will capture the current state of your business to help you improve your overall organizational performance. We can assist with organizational health, business-wide leadership capability, cultural health, and business operation performance assessments.

Performance Improvement

Has your business hit a bit of a brick wall? Are you struggling to find the improvements that you have been seeking? Perhaps you’ve been happy with the performance, but you are looking to take it to the next level? We can help you find those performance improvements that you have been craving for your company.

Leadership Pipeline Development

Is there anything more critical to a business’s long-term health than the choice and cultivation of its future leaders? While many business owners recognize this, some new leaders fail because they have not prepared for their new role. This is where leadership pipeline development comes in.

Conference & Event Planning

Conferences and business events give you the ability to meet like-minded people and increase brand recognition. However, this is only going to be the case if planned correctly. If they are not, they can hurt your brand and reputation instead of helping it. We can guide you to ensure a winning business event from start to finish.

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Business Consulting Services - EPIC Mission - Business Consultant

What Our Clients Say

I can only say that Jeremy and the EPIC Mission folks did an outstanding job and delivered everything they promised and more.
Rick Smith - Former Executive Director, Eastern WV Community Action Agency
I find your guidance to be edifying …a qualitative and balanced mixture of candor, encouragement, and clarity. I think one of the most valuable results … is the emphasis on curiosity and continuous maturation.
Rev. Tyler Dirks - Senior Pastor, East Charlotte Pres
Jeremy’s EPIC Mission is driven by a purpose to help and serve. In only one hour, he made me realize how much we have to simplify and clearly communicate our same purpose. Tack on the remaining onslaught of knowledge and guidance that was included in that hour, and then our meeting becomes absolutely priceless. We even discussed how simplifying your business and purpose is akin to Einstein simplifying the language of the universe with E=MC^2. Highly recommended person, service, and mission.
Jon Eric Linville
Jeremy, as always you leave One Voice stretched, energized and better than when you started!!! Thank you for investing wisdom, encouragement and strength into our non profit!!! Until next time…
Debra Curry-Davis
Inspirational business coaching, pragmatic insight, and utilitarian tools that truly help. Thank you for all you do!
Kim Baker
Heart of Phoenix was so thankful to have EPIC Mission work on a strategic plan for our grassroots nonprofit. He was invested and cared about the work with us, and that mattered greatly.
Tinia Creamer

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