Wrong Turn Pizza “When?”

WRONG TURN PIZZA “WHEN?” “Start with Why?” Determining the central reason for your business’s existence is vitally important. Once the “Why” is known, and the “Who” is defined (Your own identity and that of your customers), address the “When” question. When will you be open? When will you close? During this pandemic, certain industries and [...]

Audy Perry: Podcast Reflection

By: Jeremy Turner, MBA Founder & Managing Director: EPIC Mission Faith is the belief in something much larger than yourself that you cannot see or touch or hear, but in which you, nevertheless, place your trust and to which you surrender your control. Audy Perry has faith in abundance and it oozes from him every [...]

Restaurant Assessment & Sustainability Planning

Restaurants and food service providers are on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, and far too many of these essential businesses are struggling mightily right now. EPIC Mission stands ready, willing and able to jump in and come alongside these food service first responders to help them stay in the fight. [...]