Fundraising? 3 Tips on Sending the “Thank You” Letter

According to market research, 80% of one-time donors say that a thank you letter would encourage them to make a continuing donation. With this in mind, it is clear that taking the time to reach out to prior donors and sincerely thank them for their contributions is ultimately helpful in the long run. Writing these [...]

3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Healthy & Productive

A multitude of great reasons exist for employers to concern themselves with the health of their employees. Employees who maintain good physical and mental health will perform their duties at a higher level and get along with managers and co-workers better than employees who do not remain fit. Healthy employees are also better able to [...]

5 Marketing Assets You Need to Fuel Business Growth

Your product or service can be among the best in the world, but it won't translate to sales if no one knows that it exists. Therefore, you have to spend time and money marketing your company and what it can do to make a customer's life easier. Let's take a look at some ways that [...]