Fundraising? 3 Tips on Sending the “Thank You” Letter

Updated: 02/27/2020 According to market research, 80% of one-time donors say that a thank you letter would encourage them to make a continuing donation. With this in mind, it is clear that taking the time to reach out to prior donors and sincerely thank them for their contributions is ultimately helpful in the long run. [...]

5 Marketing Assets You Need to Fuel Business Growth

Updated: 04/03/2020 Your product or service can be among the best in the world, but it won't translate to sales if no one knows that it exists. Therefore, you have to spend time and money marketing your company and what it can do to make a customer's life easier. Let's take a look at [...]

3 Helpful Tips for Creating a Successful Business Website

Updated: 02/27/2020 You might be trying to get your business website headed in the right direction, but you don't really know where to start. Perhaps you've looked at other websites and felt that those were better than yours. Maybe you feel as though your website looks attractive, but you can't get it to rank with [...]