Ordinary People, Extraordinary Impact

We lead with empathy and lock arms with everyday changemakers by meeting them where they are, encouraging them to dream bigger and go deeper, and incorporating best practices from the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. We sit down with these change agents and often encourage them to go back to square one, walking them through a visioning session to reevaluate their why, mission, vision, and values. Incredibly powerful work happens when leaders dream freely and wildly with their staff, volunteers, partners, and board members. From these dreams, we build out a Social Impact Plan with holistic strategies and practical innovation so they can take their next right step. 

…hold up, what is a Social Impact Plan?

It is very similar to what you might know as a strategic plan, but, while actionable steps and processes are important, the foundation of our work is focused on the social impact. Processes don’t drive us, the people on the other side do. 

We use it to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that all employees and stakeholders are working toward a common goal. An organization or business needs to determine their vision for the future, who exactly they are trying to help, and where they fit into the needs of their community. Adapting to the ever-changing needs of your community is the only way to make a sustainable and effective change.

Recently, the EPIC team utilized our own coaching strategies and went back to square one. We simply reevaluated our direction, goals, and the needs of those we wish to serve. 

After weeks of visioning, we are certain we do what we do because we believe in the power of ordinary people passionately working to achieve extraordinary impact. Our mission is to empower everyday changemakers with holistic strategies and practical innovation to ignite sustainable change. We envision a future where Heroes of Change everywhere are fully equipped to build and restore thriving, resilient, hope-filled communities. 

With SMARTER goals, actionable next steps, and clearly defined success metrics, we know that big ideas can lead to deep, sustainable impact in the lives of the everyday changemaker and the community they serve. 

We are in this with you, together. You are not alone in this work. We will only take changemakers through the work we are willing to do ourselves.

They say the only thing constant in this world is change. So let’s not wait around and let the world determine what kind of change is occurring, let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Together, #wearethechange.

To learn more about our consulting services: https://yourepicmission.com/wp-clone/consulting

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I can still remember my grandpa saying “measure twice, cut once” while he was in his workshop. To double check the measurements before cutting materials, minimizes making mistakes and wasting materials, time, and money. Although not many of us actually work in DIY projects or carpentry, this principle can still apply in our daily work. In the nonprofit sector, we don’t have materials, time, or money to waste, so let’s be sure to measure twice and cut once.

Take A Step Back.

Assessments, surveys, and evaluations are things that are often overlooked and perceived as unimportant activities because they don’t directly impact the lives of the people we serve. As non-profit leaders, we want to be hands-on; making an impact in everything we do. But we have to take a step back. These assessments, surveys, and evaluations are the tools you need to better serve and empower your neighbor.

What is hurting your community? What is the root of that hurt? By overlooking these forms of “measurements”, you may not actually solve the problem in front of you. You may be putting a band-aid on a much larger injury.

Measure Twice.

Community Needs Assessments serve as the “measure twice” for your programing, resource allocating, strategic planning, and more. They allow organizations to quantify and understand the root of the needs in the community, what your program is offering and what unique gaps need to be filled.

Cut Once.

So instead of having to address the same need over and over again, these tools allow you to “measure twice,” getting to the root of the issue at hand. All so that you can empower people and communities to thrive for generations to come.


Your friends at EPIC Mission have the desire and the tools to support Heroes of Change like you to assess, build, and impact. We can guide your assessment efforts so that you can become more efficient with empathy. To learn more, schedule an appointment with our Consultant and Fundraising Specialist, Taylor Johnson: https://epic-mission.appointlet.com/s/30-minute-intro-zoom/taylor-johnson

To learn more about our consulting services: https://yourepicmission.com/wp-clone/consulting

Failing or Flying?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Let yourself dream

Set aside everything that might be holding you back from dreaming. Set aside lack of finances. Set aside family ties. Set aside pandemic barriers. Set aside all the grips this world has on you and just for a moment, let yourself dream. What would you do? Would you travel? Would you quit your job and start over? What is your dream?

Too often, we in our human nature, hold ourselves back more than anything. We have a tendency to stop ourselves from dreaming because it feels dangerous. It feels dangerous to want something that seems impossible. We are so afraid of failing that we would rather not even bother trying at all. Why is that? Where did we learn that? Who taught us that failing is a bad thing?

Failing or Flying

What if we stopped looking at failing as a negative, but instead looked at it as flying. There are ups and downs, there is a breeze and maybe some clouds get in the way, but we fly on through and keep going.

So many people who have had big dreams took a chance and didn’t let the fear of failure hold them back. Walt Disney was fired from his job as a reporter because he didn’t have enough imagination *eyeroll.* Are you kidding? He didn’t let that stop him. He moved forward and went on to become a pioneer of the animation industry.

Is failing inevitable?

So what? Life isn’t perfect. We all know that by now. So we try and we fail but all the while, we fly. We are on this EPIC journey called life and we can either play it safe, or we can take a chance, pursue our dreams one step at a time and have the ride of a lifetime.


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