Huntington Internal Medicine Group, Huntington, West Virginia

The Huntington Internal Medicine Group (HIMG) in Huntington, West Virginia began as a four-physician partnership in 1969. The following year, tragedy struck Huntington when the Marshall University plane crash took the lives of many from the tight-knit community, including a number of prominent Huntington physicians. Because of the loss of their partners, four additional physicians joined the practice and HIMG became an eight-physician partnership that has grown tremendously in both size and scope in the subsequent half a century to become the region’s premier multi-specialty medical group. As HIMG leadership envisioned and then crafted plans for how the organization might continue to grow and evolve in service to the Huntington metropolitan region in the decades to come, the organization’s top leader recognized the need to provide professional development and leadership training to his small but mighty 20-person leadership team to ensure they were well-prepared for the next chapter of the HIMG journey, and this is where EPIC Mission enters the picture.

One key to successful plan execution within any organization is ensuring that each team member has been placed in their lane based on their gifting and then allowed and empowered to work within their gifting most of the time to carry out tasks and own responsibilities towards achieving the goals of the plan. This is where things often go sideways. A seemingly perfect plan can fall flat, and a seemingly healthy organization can stumble or stagnate, not because the team is not passionate or chalked full of talented individuals, but because these folks are not properly aligned based on who they are, how they’re wired and what their specific gifts and talents may be. Also, many teams are often unable to realize their true potential due to a lack of understanding and appreciation for the other members’ talents and abilities due to differing personalities. EPIC spent nearly a year working through a customized organizational development curriculum with the HIMG leadership team, starting with the DISC and TEAMS assessments to allow for the gleaning of deep individual and team insights upon which to build as monthly workshops sought to teach new ways of thinking and introduced new tools, tactics, and methods allowing the organization to rise to the next level and deepen its impact towards achieving its bold vision for the future of the practice.

Mark Morgan, President and COO of St. Mary’s HIMG

“I engaged Jeremy Turner of EPIC Mission to work with the 20 members of my Management Team to work through DISC and how this impacts our work with each other. This was overlaid with a dive into Teamwork and building that took us into the development of a modified Mission, Vision & Value statement. Jeremy’s in-depth knowledge of DISC, Leadership and Team Building was instrumental in allowing me to move my team forward. He had an immediate impact on two managers that were never able to work together by making them realize their personality differences and communication styles. I am pleased to endorse Jeremy and EPIC Mission for management development.”