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Case Study: M.D. Andersen, CPA, PA, Charlotte, NC

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“Like many new nonprofit organizations, Jacob’s House is driven by a mission that was birthed from the pain experienced by its founders.”

M.D. Andersen, CPA, PA, Charlotte, NC

MD Andersen, CPA, PA is not your typical accounting firm. Yes, they do all of the usual things that other firms do: bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns, etc. However, they are driven by their charismatic visionary Founder, CEO and namesake, Matt Andersen, CPA. Matt has no desire to be like everyone else and probably couldn’t even if he tried. His head and his heart tell him that clients need more than a reactive approach and industry-standard services. They need vision and strategy and a firm that dreams as big as they do. The problem has been that the MD Andersen team wasn’t quite sure how to turn Matt’s vision into a sustainable operational plan that could adjust as variables in the landscape change, because life and plans never match.

MD Andersen, without realizing it, actually operates as a social enterprise in that it is simultaneously focused on and motivated by financial profit and social impact. Being an accounting firm, they understand the financials of business and believe that business itself is a tool to improve the lives and wellbeing of others. Understanding this exceedingly well due to our own system of values and beliefs, EPIC Mission worked with Team MD Andersen to guide them through a process that blended executive coaching for Matt, Lean Startup business modeling, empathy-driven Design Thinking methodologies and innovative strategic planning techniques that leveraged a planning tool created by EPIC called the Social Impact Canvas. MD Andersen has now captured their “WHY?”, determined their ideal customer segment, distilled the actual problem they seek to solve and the simple solution they offer. They have SMART Goals and a system of rolling 30-60-90-day action steps to guide them towards their refined mission, all of which have been informed by an iterative planning process that will empower them to continue their disruption of the accounting industry while doing the most good.

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