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Case Study: Lily’s Place, Huntington, West Virginia

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“Like many new nonprofit organizations, Jacob’s House is driven by a mission that was birthed from the pain experienced by its founders.”

Lily’s Place, Huntington, West Virginia

Lily’s Place is a beautiful organization that shouldn’t have to exist. Born out of both frustration and necessity, their mission is to provide medical care to infants suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) and offer non-judgmental support, education and counseling services to families and caregivers. With their innovative approach to NAS treatment, the national spotlight illuminated their work and representatives from other communities from across the country in need of a similar situation began to contact Lily’s Place to learn the secret to their success in hopes that they too could bring such a resource to their area of need. All of the added attention began to create distractions for the Lily’s Place team that took them away from their primary focus of caring for local infants, families and caregivers.

The Lily’s Place team has a huge heart and a desire to serve everyone, but they also have an organizational mandate to execute on their own mission first. Plus, like most nonprofits, an additional revenue stream is always welcomed. EPIC Mission engaged the Lily’s Place team to create a replication plan that offered an earned revenue stream to further diversify how the organization funded its ongoing work. By capturing and formatting the essence of the team’s collective wisdom, expertise and first-hand experience launching and running a successful NAS Center, EPIC was able to create a menu of options from which interested parties may choose based on how much information they wished to receive and their relative budget. From hourly consulting to on-site launch assistance, those wishing to bring a Lily’s Place-like solution to their community may choose exactly what level of help they need. This allows Lily’s Place to receive compensation for the time spent by the team helping someone else so that donors and supporters can rest assured that their dollars remain focused on fueling the Lily’s Place mission.

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