Updated: 03/20/2020

A multitude of great reasons exist for employers to concern themselves with the health of their employees. Employees who maintain good physical and mental health will perform their duties at a higher level and get along with managers and co-workers better than employees who do not remain fit. Healthy employees are also better able to handle the stress that accompanies their jobs. They tend to be both energetic and motivated. Of course, another benefit is that healthy employees do not miss as much work due to illness.

The following three tips are simple suggestions any employer can use to help employees maintain their health.

Recommend Activities and Apps

There are a number of health and wellness apps that may provide the spark necessary to encourage employees to pay more attention to health-related issues. The prudent employer would do well to examine a few of the apps and pass on the information to employees. There are health and wellness apps that can be used to count calories, the number of steps taken in a day or the hours of sleep attained in a night.

Employers can also aid employees in their quest to stay healthy by playing host to company events that require physical activity. Another great idea to promote physical exercise for employees is to provide them with gym memberships.

Incentivize Health and Fitness

Incentives and rewards programs are excellent suggestions to encourage healthy habits in employees. Rewards can be tricky to get right, but there are plenty of relevant prizes any employee will like. They will encourage initial participation in the program.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on incentives. A $25 gift card can be given to the employee who shows up at the gym the most days each month. A mini-vacation could be granted to the employee who loses the most weight. One creative business owner gives an annual award of $500 to an employee. The recipient can use it for anything related to health and fitness.

Provide Healthy Food Options

The health of employees can be improved by offering them healthy eating options. This goal can be accomplished by stocking the office’s eating area with fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks. These healthy meal options should be appealing. Perhaps it would be a good idea to offer discounts to employees who choose healthy dishes. Another idea is to have a healthy meal catered to the office once a week.

Healthy employees are a great benefit to the companies for which they work. The three ideas above are great ways an employer can make a positive difference in the health and wellness of employees.

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