As a nonprofit, it’s important for you to get the funds you need to keep operating at a high level. Online fundraisers are one option that can make it easier for you to get the attention that is needed to achieve your fund development goals. If you want an online fundraiser to be a success, there are a few tips to follow.

Create an Attractive Fundraiser Ad

It’s important that your fundraiser has powerful words to get someone’s attention. Classy explains, “using the right words and phrases can greatly increase the chances of people giving. Words like ‘small’ when describing a charitable donation, ‘instantly’ or ‘immediately’, ‘expert’ when discussing points of authority, ‘you’ when directly addressing the audience and potential donors, and ‘because’ because people like to feel they are doing things for a reason.” This includes a call-to-action (CTA) so that people know that you want them to click or call to donate or to buy a product.

Any online fundraiser page or ad has to be eye-catching. In addition to the words that you use, there needs to be graphics that say, “Hey, look right here!” It will ensure that people take the time to stop and read the copy that you have in place.

Focus on identifying what the money will be used for, how you expect people to participate, and what they can do right now. Be as concise as possible so that people know what you want of them and can take the necessary action.

Share Frequently

You want as many people to know that you’re fundraising as possible. Simply Sheets Fundraising explains, “the key to a successful online fundraiser is sharing! Sharing 2-3 times a week is a great goal.” If other people have participated in the fundraiser, ask them to share, too. This can help you get your page in front of a lot more people, allowing you to reach and even exceed your goals.

You should be sharing your fundraiser page on social media, on your website, in your email newsletter, and with any partners that you have.

Appeal to the Masses

It’s important for you to appeal to the masses so that more people actively get involved with your fundraiser. CauseVox explains, “persuasive writing convinces people to make donations, plain and simple. If your fundraising appeal doesn’t have a clear point of view, specific asks, and good storytelling, you are not going to convince people to donate.”

If you’re offering a product that helps you to raise money, show how it can benefit more people. If you’re asking for money, show how the money can be used to help a wide array of people. Further, be sure to identify more about who you are as a nonprofit so that they know that there are real people involved as opposed to a faceless company.

A successful online fundraiser is one that people know about. You want your ad to catch everyone’s attention. Then, you want to make sure that there is so much pertinent information there that people understand how it affects them. When you move people to want to help the cause, you can ensure that your fundraising efforts are a success.

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