Updated: 02/27/2020

You might be trying to get your business website headed in the right direction, but you don’t really know where to start. Perhaps you’ve looked at other websites and felt that those were better than yours. Maybe you feel as though your website looks attractive, but you can’t get it to rank with the major search engines, and consequently, no one can find you. If you’re looking for some easy ways to get your website to look professional and be more useful to you and your customers, check out these three tips.

Attractive Design and Photos
If you want people to take your business seriously, you need your website to look professional. Choosing attractive designs and photos is one of the primary ways that you can make your website look better. Unattractive websites cause the entire business to seem less reputable. Consider hiring a professional web designer if you need to. Professional website design can cost quite a lot, but the investment is often well worth it. However, there are alternatives. If you have an eye for design, sites such as WordPress have themes that make it easier to create something fairly attractive on your own. There’s usually a way to build an attractive website even if you’re on a budget.

Regular Content
Posting content on a regular basis can help your business in two ways. First of all, Google looks at the frequency with which you post new content, and if you’re never posting new blog articles, Google will give you a lower rank. The second way that regular content updates can help a website is through garnering repeat traffic. When you publish high-quality content on a regular basis, people are more likely to come back to your website to learn more. When you only post sporadically, they won’t come back to your site as often. If you want your content to be considered regular, you should post a new 350-word minimum blog at least four times a month.

Quick Loading Times
One of the fastest ways to turn people away from your website is to have slow loading times. Test them out on various types of devices so that you know they’re quick. Anything slower than about two seconds tends to make people click away, so if your website is running like molasses, you should try some techniques to speed up loading times.

Ensuring that your website is successful takes regular maintenance. You can either hire someone to maintain your site internally or contract with another business to do it for you. Of course, it is possible to do it yourself, but be careful about how much time it takes away from your other work.

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